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Welcome to Cotswold Plans Ltd

Floor plans are an essential part of presenting property particulars assisting both the estate agent and the prospective purchaser. In conjunction with good quality photographs, this information provides the major elements that a prospective purchaser needs to decide whether to view the property or not. Accurate floor plans show not only the layout of rooms but also the position of fixed furniture, bathroom and kitchen fittings, as well as specific aspects of the building construction that may, for instance, affect the location of furniture.

More and more prospective purchasers expect to see floor plans to enable them to make a decision as to whether the property offered could meet their needs. Having floor also helps with the planning of a possible extension or alteration to meet their specific needs. Agent's show over staff also find them of immense value, as they can make notes on each plan to assist them when conducting a viewing.
In addition, Estate agents can save much of their time on site by concentrating on the aspects of the property that floor plans and photographs cannot portray.

How does it work?

A phone call or e-mail sets the ball in motion, with the contact details of your client. We can make direct contact on your behalf if you prefer, and set up an appointment at the earliest opportunity. We confirm back to you when this has been done. A site visit is then made where detailed measurements are taken of all the buildings that you need on the floor plan. Plans are then drawn up and a draft forwarded to you by e-mail or fax. Any amendments are relayed back to us and a final copy sent back in your chosen format.